The Nissan Cedric Y31 is a large automobile.

Y31 Edit

The Y31 was built from late 1987 through 1991 available in either Sedan or Hardtop guises. The sporty GranTurismo SV version (discontinued in 1991) had short bumpers with a body kit, and was powered by a 2.0 liter VG20DET engine. The Sedan version of the Y31 was rebodied at the launch of the Y32. The Cedric is mechanically related to the Crew, although the former is larger. June of 1987 saw a special-edition Cedric built for parade usage. The sedan remains with unchanged body appearance and is still in production currently. Private Cedrics are now only available in 4-door hardtop guise and the wagon and van versions are no longer sold. Engines available continue to be the newly developed VG series engine, with the VG20DET adding DOHC, another first for Nissan.

The 4-speed automatic transmission is now computer controlled for smoother shifts. The transmission now exclusively uses a floor mounted gearshifter, and a 5-speed manual transmission is still available. The rear suspension was upgraded to multi-link independent setup.Trim levels start with the VIP Brougham, Gran Tourismo, Classic SV, Classic and Super Custom. The Gran Turismo received more sport-oriented styling, adding a youthful appearance, which found new, younger, buyers.

The Cedric competed for buyers with related Nissan vehicles that shared platforms used for the Cedric, specifically, the Nissan Cima, Nissan Leopard and the Nissan Gloria, as well as other sport oriented vehicles, such as the Nissan Cefiro, Nissan Skyline and Nissan Laurel.

The Cedric Y31 can be distinguished from its sibling, the Gloria Y31 by the tailights at the back.

The vehicle's air conditioning could be adjusted by a infrared remote controlled hand held unit from the rear seat, located in a separate compartment attached on top of the rear armrest at the front. Separate air conditioning and heating vents were provided for rear seat passengers.

YPY31 Edit

The Nissan Cedric Y31 was rebodied at the launch of the Y32 in 1991. This new version was known as the YPY31 and was designed with reducing costs in mind. The car is popular with taxi companies, particularly in Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong, where a LPG version was used due to laws requiring cabs to run on LPG only. In Jakarta, Indonesia, the diesel powered Cedric Y31 is used as an executive taxi. The YPY31 can be distinguished from the fact that its front grille carries the current Nissan badge, while the Y31 Original's front grille carried the Cedric badge. The YPY31's changes included the badge, the absence of dual-zone temperature control , the seats' material (changed to PVC) and the removal of wood trim. The opera window was also removed.

The YPY31 was last updated in 2005.

The YPY31 is starting to lose popularity in Hong Kong because of reliabiity issues with the NA20P engine and poor support from Honest Motors (the dealer).

Gloria Y31 Edit

Main article: Nissan Gloria Y31

The Gloria Y31 was the sibling of the Cedric, with a similar appearance, albeit with different tailights.

Specifications Edit

Trim levels

Trim levels are Original, Custom, Super Custom, Classic, Classic SV, and Brougham VIP. There was also a long wheelbase model built by Autech.

Engine models
  • 1998cc VG20E
  • 1998cc VG20DET
  • 2998cc VG30E
  • 2998cc VG30E diesel
  • 2998cc VG30ET turbocharged
  • 32998cc VG30ET diesel turbocharged
  • 2498cc TD25 diesel
  • 2698cc TD27 diesel
  • 1998cc RB20P 6-cylinder LPG
  • 1998cc NA20P 4-cylinder LPG
  • 1998cc RD28 diesel
  • Exterior dimensions (LxWxH) (mm): 4860 x 1720 x 1380
  • Wheel base(mm): 2735
  • Curb vehicle weight(kg): 1450
  • Seating capacity: 5/6 (Incl. driver)
  • Fuel type : LPG, Diesel, Petrol


The Nissan Gloria Y31, from 1988 onwards, featured in TV ads in Japan featuring the song Longer by Dan Fogelberg.